Project: How we created a Top 15 App for Photos and Videos.

Status: Launched

Struggles to find the right partner

We first met Carrie, the CEO of LittleNugget, at 1871 after hearing she was looking for someone with experience creating photo apps. She had exhausted just about every avenue having talked to friends, freelancers, staffing agencies, and even several other mobile development agencies throughout the city about the project. All the other agencies Carrie talked to came up with quotes that cost 8 times as much as our final project.

Ruby Development LittleNugget

To make matters worse the core idea behind LittleNugget was launched by another company during Carrie’s search for a competent and trustworthy partner. Carrie needed to find a company to collaborate with that could correctly overlay photos and her custom designed icons. She also wanted a company that could create an app that would work consistently and not crash every other usage. While this may seem basic, many other agencies struggle with even these basic requirements.

A strong brand from the start

Right from the get go LittleNugget had great branding, which was created by LittleNugget’s co-founder. The branding did an excellent job of appealing to the target market carefully treading the line between appealing to young mom’s and being too babyish or immature.

Additionally the project ran smoothly because Carrie came to us with were most of the screens for the app having already been completed and a firm idea of what she wanted.

To create the best possible app, we had to whittle down a few features like a pregnancy tracker from the initial wireframes. We also needed to solve one major problem, so even before we started we did a UX Sprint. Finally, we took some time to make the app as mobile friendly as possible.

LittleNugget is born

We began our work on the app by finishing the design’s core. Once the core was completed we built up the front of the app, so there was no API. After that we then restored icons and other artistic aspects of the app, since the app uses the photo taking feature and is a front-end app. This kept the app from loading from an API allowing us to get the app to market faster in addition to helping from a technical standpoint.

We used our experience and expertise in launching apps in order to have a great launch. Little Nugget launched as a top 15 app in the photo and video category of the App Store and we tripled Carrie’s ambitious goal within a month!

A Sibling for this Little Nugget?

LittleNugget generates hundreds of downloads a day and we anticipate plenty of upgrades in the app’s future. We’re planning to conduct lots of research with the app’s users and look to build on the app’s strong start!

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