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Recent projects

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Web projects

A case study for every project?
Wow! Click on any image below to read more about our web products.

We became known as the “Mobile Guys” in Chicago, but originally started our careers on web products. We’ve built out our web team one by one with amazing talent that we trust to build whatever web development challenge that comes our way! Patrick O'Brien CEO

Mobile Foundations

iOS Development

We have been focused on iOS for the past 5 years and have created multiple "Uber for X"’s, content apps,photo apps, e-commerce apps, education apps, and even health care apps for startups and Fortune 500 companies. There's simply not a type of app we haven't created yet!

Android Development

Similar to our iOS development experience, we have spent years crafting our Android expertise. Typically, we create an iOS app first for clients and then build a similar (but improved!) Android app after product market fit.


An extremely intuitive and usable product means a better experience & more users. LakeviewLabs always puts function ahead of form to ensure a wonderful mobile user experience (UX), while creating an elegant User Interface (UI) that reflects your brand

Quality Assurance (QA)

App development would be a massive waste of time and money without proper Quality Assurance standards in place. Even though we write beautiful code, you still need proper testing in place to make sure that your app is bug-free and crash-free on all the different types of Android and iPhone software versions and software.

App Store Optimization (ASO) & Consulting

We've seen so many apps fail in the marketplace because they weren't optimized to get downloads or weren’t accepted by the App Store. Why go through all the trouble and money of building an awesome app, and then not optimize its download rate or even get in? Proper exposure in the app store can result in 100's of thousands of more downloads & you need a trusted partner to help. Don’t forget, launching your app in the app store is a science, not an art.

Web Foundations

Front-End Programming

Our front-end developers are experienced in both aesthetic design and development. They work directly with our design team to make sure the app design is flawless and fast for users. We are Angular.js experts and have been doing HTML and CSS since we were nerdy pre-teens.

Back-End Programming

We’ve been rocking ruby for years and have been gotten quite deep in Node & Golang the last few years. We’re active supporters of the open source community and frequently contribute to the growth of its ecosystem. We’re always excited to try new languages out, but never on client projects!


This is problem most startups would love to have...too much traffic and too many downloads. That's where our scaling expertise comes in. We'll be there during those giant traffic or download peaks to help you scale immediatly, and throughout your growth cycle. Nothing is worse than a bad or slow user experience when your app just started to hit its stride!

User Focused

User experience goes beyond the visible interactions, that’s why the best teams are a mix of engineering, visual and interaction design skills. We believe it’s a blend of talents that create the best products, because it takes skill from all disciplines to make products that function the way they should.


Already have an existing website? Unless it was designed in the last 4 years, or if it was done by an amaetur, it’s costing your business new customers, is hurting your brand, and is preventing you from reaching your goals. We consider a makeover the same as starting a company from the beginning, and would love to help guide through this process.

High-Level Process

Phase 1 Competitive Research

Before we make a single pixel or write a single line of code, we go an extensive ideation and research phase where we make sure whatever problem the client wishes to fix, we’re fixing.

Phase 2 Wireframing & User Feedback

We’ve never understood why some dev teams develop without having a design to work from first. This phase makes sure we stay on budget, build what’s needed for the correct customer.

Phase 3 Development Sprints

This tends to be the longest and most important phase, but we make sure to keep it peaceful so our clients can start prepping their marketing campaign as we build.

Phase 4 Prep & Launch

We make sure that everything on your app is working properly tested and ready for the world. As soon as everyone is happy, we hit our big Launch button!

Phase 5 Submission to the App Store

We’re not sure why people get nervous about this process, but we can do it in our sleep. We’ll walk you through all the best practices to make sure your app dominates!

Phase 6 Nurture & Growth

Amazing! We’ve spent a long time building with you, and hope it’s everything you dreamed of. However, you’re most likely just getting started! We help scale, maintain, and improve your app during this phase.