What excites you the most about LVL?

I get excited about all the wildly different projects we’ve been able to work on, as well as all the potential apps we could make in the future! If you take a look at our portfolio, you’ll see nothing ‘similar’ to each other. I think this shows that we can handle almost any web or mobile app that comes our way.

What does an ‘ideal’ project look like to you?

An ideal project is a company (it could be a huge company or just an entrepreneur) that knows what they want to accomplish or ’solve’ using technology, not necessarily exactly how it looks or the exact feature set. We expect our clients to be the ‘domain experts’ as we take over all the heavy design & development. Further, I think an ideal project has a decision maker (or makers) that can make decisions quickly and can get us what we need quickly. That could be a 3rd party service, approval for a design mockup, or a list of testers for their app. As long as they work quickly and efficiently, we can build their dream!

Favorite Sports Team?

Da Bears! It’s been a rough decade for my Bears, but I think we’re finally (truly) headed in the right direction. I’d rather watch a Bears game over almost any other sport or concert, and would trade multiple championships of another team for just one Bears Superbowl (sorry Blackhawks 🙁

Favorite place to vacation?

Thailand! Even though I’ve only gone once, and it was during college, I’ve never been to a country that was so different in my entire life. Up north there are jungles with Elephants and Tigers and a relaxed atmosphere. The middle of the country has Bangkok, which is the most visited city in the world by tourists and has a rich history and tons to do. In the south, there are immaculate beaches and some of the craziest parties in the world. I’d love to go back!