We probably use Twitter more than any other agency in the US (even counting the Twitter agencies!) We think it’s a great medium for sharing articles / news in a rapid fire process and hasn’t been screwed up (yet) by only showing certain people posts. We tend to ‘pin’ posts that our followers really like, we find interesting, or for big news. Follow today here!


We try to use Instagram everyday to highlight cool projects we’re working on, or just to document our journey. Instagram is still great because they’ve done a great job of limiting the ‘spam’ of marketers, and how they internally promote ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ quality pictures.


We were late to the facebook party. Yes, we’ve all had it since the college years, but we know that most of facebook isn’t too into pictures of a new UI of an app, or pictures of code ;P We still push content into here from time to time!


What could’ve been! We love Google, but they just can’t seem to nail the social network after all these years. We’re not sure why they try so much when they could literally take over the actual web with other more profitable products, but it’s been interesting to see the rise and fall of the product. Everything that’s on our facebook is here too.


The newest ‘big’ platform. They’ll have a hard time competing with Facebook on livestreaming, but we’re going to root for the underdog. You’ll see us livestreaming from either our Office in Uruguay or 1871 from time to time. Stop by and say hello! Periscope / LakeviewLabs.


Behance is a design community for desingers. We opened our page not too long ago, but we expect our work to start getting some love soon!


Flickr really kicked some ass back in the day, but then went into darkness. We’ve started to see some more activity out of them recently, so we apply the same strategy to Flickr that we do to Behance.


We haven’t been able to crack the code on Linkedin just yet. It’s not a great advertising platform, there seems to be more and more spam everyday (What’s the next number in this sequence? Upvote and I’ll quit smoking, etc) but it’s still decent for its core function: connecting and speaking with people in your network.