Our Process

Hi! Welcome to the LakeviewLabs Playbook. It’s a 14,000 word manifesto on how we think about and build web and mobile apps. Our team has worked together on software projects for the past 4 years, starting with Patrick’s first startup TicketScalpr.com, and decided to build out the team at the end of 2014 after a few years of freelancing. We became known as the ‘mobile guys’ in Chicago, but originally started our careers on web products. We’ve built out our team out one by one with talent that we could trust to build whatever mobile app and web development challenges that come our way. We’ve been lucky enough to build, or be directly involved with:

  1. The fastest growing company ever.
  2. One of the top iOS ticket apps.
  3. The most profitable company in the app store for education
  4. Multiple top ranking apps in the app store for a variety of industries (photo, social, etc)
  5. Various web products that dominate their respective niche.
  6. Web and Mobile apps for well known VC firms and Accelerators
  7. Digital products for Fortune 100 Companies
  8. A few of the up and coming startups in Chicago
  9. Many more things that aren’t listed here!

We’ve seen first-hand failure and “success” for every single size company possible (Small Business, Startup Idea, Seed, Series A,B,C,D+, IPO + Public, etc), and bring those experiences to each and every one of our apps. Ultimately, building web, mobile, and digital products and companies is our passion, and it’s something we’ll be doing for the rest of our lives.

Please keep in mind that this is generally how we build apps, but everyone has different goals, budgets, experiences, and timelines. Sometimes it makes sense to launch quickly and keep iterating, but others it might make sense to do more customer interviews and try and build out a market before the app is launched (i.e for a 2 sided marketplaces). So, if you’re considering us for your next product, or just want to learn great techniques on how to build digital product, jump in and start reading!


We’ve had a bunch of different types of clients over the last few years. It’d be impossible to draw a correlation between all of them and say ‘this is our client type’ at this point, so we’ve listed them out in five categories.

Napkin Startups

Our standard client is an entrepreneur (or small team) that has a burning desire to fix a problem in a market through a digital product. It seems that this profile is a late 20’s, early 30’s person in Chicago (mostly) that has had much success in their current or previous career. Most of the time they specialize in one thing (sales, marketing, operations, etc) and work with us to build and fill whatever they are lacking in skill-set. We ask that this client sends over some rough wireframes (even if it takes you 5 minutes to write on a napkin, just something) OR be able to say “I want Uber but for Waffle Delivery, with the design aesthetics of Snapchat”.

New Product for Existing Company

Successful Startups and Companies that already exist need to constantly iterate and introduce new products and features to stay ahead of the competition. Request from us Just be straightforward. “We were primarily a brick and mortar B2B Business, but are losing market share OR “We’ve been an industry leader for the past 12 years on web, but really don’t understand mobile”.

Improve a product that exists

A successful startups or company that needs to build out their 1.0 or early versions of their app. It’d be great if you were able to say something like “We have an existing website, but need to introduce a new feature quickly”. OR “We’ve been successful for a few years, but we need to make our site modern and improve conversions.

Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support to all of our clients once they launch, but find that many freelancers and other firms ‘ditch’ their old clients when something better comes their way. We’ve sadly had that happen to us before, so we open our arms to those needing support! All we need to know is if the current technical infrastructure that you’re built on is something that we support. We won’t work on a framework or language that we’re not skilled in.

Tech Consulting

Recently, clients have reached out to us for technical consulting. We’ve come in to serve as a temporary Project Management team, or for “digital innovation consulting” for companies looking to expand their brick and mortar businesses online. We’ve had a significant amount of experience across many disciplines, so we can provide value no matter the size of the company. Reach out to us and we’ll figure something out that works for you!