Project: The World's Best Tailgating & Sport Tourism site.

Status: Launched

Why are so many people asking for this?

SuperTailgate came to us while we were working on Ticket Scalpr & we started to get frequent requests from customers asking us for advice about what to see at the stadium & what tailgating was like at the stadium they had just bought tickets to.

Being a good startup, we created a resource that was a list of basic information like what bars or restaurants to check out and what to see at the stadium. After we sent it out to our customer’s, we found that not only did they beome frequent and repeat buyers, but we a large amount of referrals to our app simply because of what we created. We kept it up and eventually realized a giant opportunity was staring us in the face…

Wait, what is it?

SuperTailgate is a one stop resource for sport “SuperFans” that want to have the ultimate experience at their favorite team’s stadium, or for their upcoming visit to a competitor stadium. We didn’t realize it at first, but we technically created a first of its kind resource for sports tourism, which is rapidly growing (and large!) in the US. Fans are willing to spend a large amount of money to see their team play all around the country, and many families combine family trips with a chance to see their favorite team(s) at different locations around the country. We’ve done this ourselves, but greatly underestimated the amount of fans that do this as well.

Even though I spent years working on Ticket Scalpr and it was one of my main concerns each and every day, the market has asked for a product like SuperTailgate at least 10x fold throughout my time with each product. – Patrick O’Brien, Founder.

Whoa, this is new…

The biggest difficulty we encountered during the two year process of creating SuperTailgate was the fact that there really wasn’t anything out there like it. Yes, there were some guides for the more popular stadiums (like Wrigley Field) butfinding information for many of the smaller venues was extremely difficult. At first there was a lot of guesswork, and we went through three complete and separate content creation iterations, but eventually we developed a system & process, while creating training materials for what was a large amount of writers.

Our biggest fear when it came to creating SuperTailgate was that the content was never going to get done since it took us a long time to put it all together. At first we thought about using a wordpress theme, but in the end we found it a bit too bloated for the exact structure we wanted for our site.

Setting up the tailgate

We decided on WordPress as our backend for SuperTailgate, because unlike our other apps, there’s a significant amount of content that needed to be constantly updated.  There are over 750 Guides & 225,000 images, that are continually being updated, all through our custom WordPress theme backend.

Till the next party

In the end we created the world’s best resource for tailgating! Over the next few months, we plan to gather feedback from the community and continue to add features to the site, including adding more social features! While we’ve only just begun, we believe that our unique marketing strategy should allow it to dominate the sports tourism & tailgating space soon.

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