Project: The Creation of A Serial Entrepreneur's Third Million Dollar Business.

Status: Launched

The need for mobility

We first met Checkli CEO Marvin three years ago in Chicago where we discussed the idea of making a new version of his checkli. While that never materialised, we built and managed a business relationship meeting each month over the years to discuss topics like marketing, growth hacking, and case studies. After some time, Marvin was in the process of selling his second startup, and approached us about making a mobile app for his already successful web based checklist app.

Checkli’s userbase was clamoring for a mobile app and they were losing fans to other apps that had a native app. Marvin had received somewhere around 2,000 emails from users asking fone one, and he simply couldn’t put it off any more. While Marvin had success building his web business, he had no experience developing on mobile so he was looking for the right agency to partner with. Luckily for him he partnered with us, one of the midwest’s mobile leaders!

Marvin wanted a mobile app that could deliver the exact same experience as his web app, but on the go. He also wanted to ensure that his designs would be used to help optimize his users’ workflow.

Making a list and checking it twice

Checkli is a very simple “type and tap” app, which offers a few options to help prioritize your list. Other than that there really aren’t any bells and whistles, making it a great minimal app for those looking to keep themselves organized.

In order to optimize Marvin’s design we went through a UX sprint, allowing us to improve on things like the menu, the checklist, how the checklist is recorded, and the ability to prioritize the checklist.

After the design was set we created user stories for every feature of the app and API user stories for the developers. We also worked with Checkli’s internal team to make an API that the mobile app could consume. It only took a few weeks, but we were able to help them make a mobile app API, which can be used by both the iOS and Android platforms.

After iOS development was finished, we launched a beta to around 100 users, and after Marvin was happy with the feedback, we submitted & launched on the iOS App Store.

What else is on Checkli's checklist?

Today Checkli is a five star rated app and we expect to optimize the app & introduce a variety of new features that will enhance the user experience. You should expect big things going forward!

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